Even hands-free, you shouldn’t talk or text while driving


 ISTOCKPHOTO - Talking on a hands-free phone may be more distracting than talking to a passenger riding in the car.
By Jeff Hecht, Published: July 30
     Makers of cars and mobile electronics are pushing a tempting vision of the future, one in which you can stay fully connected while driving. In the name of safety, they provide hands-free wireless setups for your cellphone, so you can talk with both hands on the wheel. The latest additions are voice-to-text systems that let drivers send and receive texts and e-mails without looking at a screen. Some high-end cars even have touch screens with interfaces for finding restaurants, reserving tables and buying movie tickets while on the road.
     Has all this made the impulse to stay connected while driving any safer? According to a new study, definitely not.


7. 08. 2013