In order to obtain a driver's license a person must meet the following conditions:

a) to have at least the age of:

 - 16 years - for subcategories A1 and B1;
 - 18 years – for categories B, BE, H and subcategories A2, C1, C1E;

 - 20 years for:
      - category A, if the person proves the driving experience of at least two years on a motorcycle under the subcategory A2;
       - for driving tricycle with a power exceeding 15 kw;
 - 21 years - for categories C, CE, F, I and subcategories D1, D1E;
 - 24 years - for categories A, D and DE.

b) to be apt in terms of psycho-physiological, intellectual estate to drive vehicles on public roads.

c) be medically fit to drive vehicles in categories / subcategories for which the examination is required.

d) provide proof of graduation rates of driving schools organized by the licensed / authorized units by law.

e) to be admitted after the exam for license obtaining - both theoretical test (self exam on the computer) and the practice (polygon and route) for the soughtcategory / subcategory.


     The choosing of the proper school is an important step towards obtaining your driving license.

The main reasons to be careful when choosing the driving school are:

- the quality and the reliability of the training at school (document yourself in the „Statistics” menu tab to convince yourself on the knowledge rating at the theory exam);

- an important indicator is that, upon completion of the driving school, you should know better how to drive a car (yourself in the „Statistics” menutab to convince yourself on the knowledge rating at the practical test);

- the professional attitude of the school managers, which can be determined by their authority on the forums (including on the forum -

     Once you have decided to enroll in a driving school, we can help you.

A list of Driving Schools can be found on - . Here you will find the statistics (the rating) of the quality of teaching and more statistical information on this matter.

You can choose a driving school closer to your home, school / college or job.



     There are some instructors who do not comply with the work program or who are strolling (on your money) on their various "interests" during schooling hours, which should put you on guard. Therefore the advices of your friends / colleagues / relatives, who graduated a driving school before you are very useful, in order not to fail in the school choosing.


     Before you start the training in the driving school, the school management will ask you to present the medical certificate issued by a special committee and a psychological test result (see the locations of these committees under the menu tab “Useful Information”). The specialized medical examination is performed according to Government Decision no.12 of 01/19/2009 for approval of the medical examination of drivers and applicants for driver license obtaining - (,
and Order of the Ministry of Health no.79 of 20.3.2009 on the procedure of the medical examination of drivers and applicants for driver license obtaining - (


 a) When you have decided on your choice, go to the driving school  with your original ID Card (including a copy of it, for the record) to confirm your identity, as well as with the medical certificate and the certificate of psychological test;

b) Have a chat with the teachers for the theoretical and practical courses, including ask to be shown the car that you will be given to learn on in order to convince yourself on the seriousity of the offer (if that was not previously recommended);

c) Ask a contract with the driving school to be signed and carefully studied its terms, especially financial ones, and if you are sure on your choise, you pay the first installment;

d) Then the driving school offers you a student card, the schedule of the study hours, including practical driving hours depending on your schedule.


     The File for the driving license examination is created at the same time as the driving school enrollment.

The File for the driving license examination is created by the deiving school staff and at the end of schooling you can request it in order to submit it personally to the Examination Commission or the school management will submit it in one block with all students’ files.

     Below is a complete list of required documents:

a) application for admission to the testing (is received and completed at the driving school) or you can find it on - ;

b) schooling form;

c) medical certificate;

d) psychological certificate obtained after taking the psychological test;

e) driving license obtained anterior (if applying for a new category / subcategory).

f) other required documents:

- copy of identity card;

- receipts for exam fees payment (paid to the testing authority). See more details at -

The driving exam has 2 tests:

- the theoretical one (the test grid) and the practical one (on polygon and route). Details of exam can be accessed on the link -

     Details referring to the headquarters offices of the organization and conduct of examination and the costs can be accessed on the link -

Driving test (the Hall). The first testing of the driving exam is to support a theoretical testing, also known as the Hall (the classroom). The driving test consists of a questionnaire of 20 questions for each category / subcategory A1, A2, A, B1, B, BE (and 26 questions for categories / subcategories C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, A, H, F) with multiple response option (a question can have one, two, three or four possible answers). To promote this exam the sholar must earn at least 17 points out of 20 (22 points out of 26).
     Questions are in the fields of knowledge of traffic law, techniques of first medical aid and general notions of auto mechanics. Questionnaires (tests) which arein accordance with the named laws can be found on our site, and these tests respect totally the structure and the style of questions that are given during the driving exam.


     The Theoretical test changed since  September 1, 2010 and it is in full compliance with the questions presented in the link - - "Exam Simulation". The Practical examination (route and polygon). Once passed the theoretical testing, there is to pass the practical test – the polygon and the route (highway).

 For B category:

During this testing the scholar will be assisted by an examiner (who will sit in the passenger seat) and for the accuracy of the exam, behind your sit your instructor will be also sitting. Thе practical test consists in driving on a route and making some maneuver in traffic (at the request of the examiner). Once you get behind the wheel, you should start preparing for departure:

- Seat adjustment depending on the clutch pedal, adjusting the mirrors and seat belt coupling. Then, the examiner will say that you shoul departure, start the engine, pull the handbrake, put the car in gear and leave the place.

     During the exam pay attention to the following:

- keep driving on the same lane;
- when changing lane or direction of movement - signalize;
- be careful to grant right of way (this is one of the most common mistakes that students do).

     Except maneuvers of moving to left / right, the examiner may ask you to run one of the following maneuvers:

- Reversing, front parking, side parking, back parking, leaving from the ramp or turning back in three movements.

Succesa and HAVE A NICE TRIP!